What are multiculturalism, racism and free speech?

The idea of multiculturalism is that anyone, from anywhere in the world, can come and live in Britain without having to alter their way of life. A family from Israel can snuggle up next door to another from Palestine and there will be no problem, both will respect the other's cultural heritage and practises. Such diversity, argue its advocates, will enrich all who enter the grand "multicultural experiment".
However, the title "experiment" is misleading. Humanity has already tried this idea, planet earth is multicultural. Different cultures have lived here alongside each other since the dawn of time. The result is a history blighted by hundreds, if not thousands, of disastrous wars and impenetrable grudges. All because people refused to adapt their behaviour. Only by co-operation, trade and integration have we managed to survive.

Years ago a radio show I was presenting where I tried to explain the problems with "multi-culturalism" got interrupted by a young producer, concerned I was being racist and broadcasting "hate speech". The topic is a tricky one to handle but my line was simple, it's a disaster for the reasons I've just given. Importing all the problems and arguments of the world and expecting everyone to get on fine without adapting their behaviour is absurd.

As the above tweet neatly explains, this is not the same as thinking a multi-racial or multi-religious society is unworkable. Even so our lying political classes have conditioned enough of the population to think any opposition to multiculturalism must be because of racism. So, sensible discussion of the absurd idea is interrupted by people keen to tell everyone how not-racist they are. This is how the advocates won the debate. They won it by not having one.

During the post-war period calling someone a racist became alike to demanding their excommunication in the dark ages of the Holy Roman Empire. This is largely because Europe was so blighted by the Second World War, caused by a massive racist. Hitler was racist because he believed that the different racial groups of the world were innately good or bad. Racism allows you to dismiss people on the basis of different genetics as non-human animals. That's why it's bad. The damage this idea caused in the 1940s has made it social suicide to advocate in modern times.

Unfortunately this fact has been used to protect various ideas from criticism by denouncing it as racist. Such an accusation in my profession could easily spell the end. Even if it isn't true, once the anti-racist inquisition is upon you, anything is possible.

So there I am, with thoughts of getting the radio station fined, or maybe personally receiving a visit from the police the next day, or perhaps ultimately spending some time in jail. All these possibilities are on the table if you broadcast anything deemed to be "hate speech". This young lad, brought up to think that's how things should be, fresh out of a good University, was telling me that we can't debate multiculturalism. He was my producer, legally I was supposed to heed his advice. I didn't and there were no legal consequences.

The reason I ignored him is because I believe in the idea of "free speech". I think people have a right to express their opinions, even if they are seen as offensive. Now, opinions and facts are two different things. If I say I support free speech that does not mean I think I should be allowed to publish your home address and tell everyone you are a pedosadist who needs to be killed. That's making a specific threat. It deals with facts, not opinions. It's not covered by free speech.

However if I said "I think gays are disgusting", that would be an opinion. People who support free speech think such things are best dealt with in debate. People could speak to me about my problem. I could learn about it more. In the end it'd probably turn out that I was gay, if we're honest, homophobes usually are.

Others think the best way to deal with it is to criminalise such thoughts. Although I may not like homophobes it's a mistake to let the Government punish them for their words and opinions. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. The idea you can be punished for thinking the wrong thing is slowly creeping into the public consciousness and our Government is enjoying its new powers to chastise anyone they think is "offensive".

I recently had a brief discussion with someone who claims to work for the Police on Twitter. She was responding to a brilliant smack down to a homophobe from Derren Brown. The story had a lot of media attention but basically it amounted to a heckler talking crap and being made to look like an idiot.

For me Derren's tweet effectively solved the issue. For someone who uses Twitter to tell people they are a policewoman, this was a job for the law. She encouraged poor victim Derren to report the hate crime and get help from The Government.

What's interesting to me about this is where the conversation went next. "PC Lawrence", in quotes because I have no way of knowing that's who she is, claims that the key issue here is whether or not the comments were "hate instigated". To put it another way, what was the intention or thought which lies behind those words? Now, we can't read people's minds, we can only guess at what another thinks. I assume that's why my question, re-printed below, got me blocked by the twitter user in question[1].
Fortunately I have not yet been arrested.

So, as you watch people debate the Paris shootings, those are your terms. Free Speech, the right to have any opinion you like. Threatening to murder someone though, is a statement of fact, not an opinion. Racism, the idea that genetically, racial characteristics make some people worth more than others. Race and culture are different. Anyone can join and adopt a culture, unless that culture is itself racist. And finally, multiculturalism, the idea that all the world's countries can live together in harmony without adapting at all.

Nick Margerrison.

[1] Which is her right. Freedom of speech does not include the right of other people not to listen. If you're a boring sod, I'll block you on Twitter as well. Deal with it.


thebiglloydtree said…
I've been listening to your rants for a long as time, Mr. Margerrison. I used to sit up and listen to you with Mr. Baker on The Night Before, it was an amazing little show, brilliant podcast material.

I'll admit I didn't always agree with you. I felt like some of the stuff you were saying was pretty hypocritical, but looking back... you're an amazing Devil's Advocate. Thank you for the post.

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