139 - Jason Louv of Ultra Culture

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Tommy Greaves said…
Great interview, really interesting ideas. I like how it married a more skeptical approach while still being heavily mystical. Always been interested in paranormal and magickal ideas but it's hard to listen to a lot of communicators who can appear to be at war with science. Being anti-science and talking about such metaphysical things in 2015 massively detracts from a lot of people's points and creates a lot of doubt in what they say, well that's just me, I know some people hate any kind of duality between the two.

The idea of the podcast changing name... I'm not sure. Personally I feel the show has changed a lot from the early days and probably isn't the same podcast it was, as you'd expect after 2 years, so I can see the argument for it. I also want you to be able to make a living off it as I feel you massively deserve to, but there is an ethos to 'the cult of nick' that makes profiting difficult. (narrowcasting for one)

Maybe a name change sort of symbolically draws a line under the C.O.N. and will allow a bettee chance to push for more audience and make some money? I just selfishly like the cult to stay as it is but I understand your dilemma in wanting to grow.

Whatever you do you will have everyone's backing I'm sure. Keep up the good work and all hail discordia.
Melissbian said…
You got the pronunciation of my name right!

Good show!
Potla said…
Hello Nick,

So glad to hear the podcast this week, I've needed my Cult of Nick fix for a couple weeks now, but taking the break seems to have done you good as you sound happier and refreshed.

In regards to your idea at the end of the podcast, I definitely think renaming the podcast Esoteria is a fantastic idea. I think that the it should be more accessible to the world now that you are doing more regular new interviews. It has the potential to captivate millions of people, that I have no doubt. It's 'intentionally obscure' beginnings have made it absolutely awesome but it seems that it's reaching a point of artistic maturity. The art that is the Cult of Nick needs to be shared with the rest of the world!

You're bound to get a few plonkers along the path to greater markets, but a larger collective pool of ideas focused on the podcasts subjects can be formed, generating some great new thought provocations for us all.

My advise, take the donation limit off and perhaps make the podcasts more accessible like howard hughes' unexplained site.

Great guest too, very well thought out and fluent ideas, I shall check out his stuff!

See you on the astral planes.
Anonymous said…
Hi Nick, Calling the podcast something along the lines of esoterica is a good direction, I prefer the esoteric/occult themes to the political myself and you did say you don't want to be the UK version of Alex Jones and he is very political. Glad to see the return of the CON. See you next Tuesday in the nicest possible way. Grant
Welcome back Nick, you sound in fine form my old spadger, good stuff mate. I'm all in favor of a facelift / name change if you think it will go someway to sustain you a living doing this, you deserve it, these interviews and the thoughts you give attention to are important to mankind.
Brian Platt said…
Howdy Mr M,
You've returned from your time in the wilderness like an old testament prophet. It sounds like you're good to shift gears and ramp it up (whatever 'it' might be). If changing the name of the vehicle allows a breakpoint between what has been and what is yet to come then it is good and it is groovy. It's just a label.

Great interview with Mr Louv, he's an excellent embodiment of how 'things' are and have been evolving in magical terms... but then again I've never been one for tradition for the sake of it. There are excellent tools out there but times and forms of reference change constantly.

Feeling your lucidity pain, am now recording 3 or 4 dreams each night and questioning reality through the day but nothing happening - this morning the Mrs let me know about getting lucid without any effort - most vexing.

Here's a question.
Would Eris vote, and if she did who would she vote for?

Groovies atchya
Fahmi said…
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Bobby Doqui said…

Can we get this lady for a cult interview - her work is excellent - Diane Slattery

She has a new book



if you need any help tracking her down let me know.

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