140 Runesoup's Gordon White and John O'Sullivan

Gordon White regularly writes here: http://runesoup.com/

John O'Sullivan is here in his guise as Newsagent Provocateur: http://www.newsagentprovocateur.com/


Here's Peter Obourn's resignation letter:




And here he is being interviewed:



The music comes from Decadent Marsupials, their soundcloud here: https://soundcloud.com/decadentmarsupials


They also feature the talents of @QuislingMeet


My Twitter is here: @nickmargerrison

Check out this episode!


Anonymous said…
Wonderful podcast Nick. It was heartening to hear your return after your break.

To celebrate I've sent you the equivalent of $2.23 to your bitcoin address. It's not much, I know, but it's a gesture to your good work.

Gordon White has inspired me to dig deeper into occult practice. My question is, beyond cydgils and your 'essays for the discordian occultist', what next? I suppose that is a step I should find for myself.

Greetings from Sweeden

Sven :)

Anonymous said…
I’ve hunted around the net but can’t find any video clips for Esoteria by Controversial TV, any chance of publishing some links?
I’ve listened to all of the Cult of Nick podcasts but blanked out quite a few times due to being distracted by other things, does that make be a member or does the blanking to 2 or 3% of the content disqualify me?
Love your work, many of the ideas and perspectives you have shared have enriched my thoughts and attitudes to myself and others. 5 squid in kitty. Thanks Mike.
Fahmi said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said…
One thing that wasn't clear, if MPs were drinking heavily at the bar John worked in, why did it only make £7 some days? Or did I misunderstand?
Moe Hill said…
Hey Nick, thanks for another good show. A long time card carrying member of the discordian race, not to mention a full member of this very cult, myself, feels these simple facts may somehow bestow one with magical powers of recommendation.

Thusly, verily; perhaps one Patrick Jasper Lee, a Romani shaman and a countryman of yours, would make a good show. I have only found but a single interview of him online, and a handful of youtube songs, and some other minor stuff like an amazon video presentation. But I think he is one of the most engaging I've heard in the field.

In any case the interview is a good listen. http://www.futureprimitive.org/2014/09/coming-home-to-the-trees/#player
You may have to enter an email adress, but anything will do e.g. a@a.com

His Amazon page: http://www.amazon.com/Patrick-Jasper-Lee/e/B00M6KUYIA/

Take care and
Hail Eris!

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