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Dwarf planet Ceres: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-31702639


Pastor Jimmy Glover appears to have passed away: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/atlanta/obituary.aspx?n=jimmy-glover&pid=154452258&


Martin Creed is here: http://www.martincreed.com/


The Flying Spagetti Monster: http://www.pri.org/stories/2015-02-23/german-atheists-seek-recognition-church-flying-spaghetti-monster


Todd Robbins is here: http://www.toddrobbins.com/


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Erronius said…
Hi Nick,

Nice one. You're on a roll since your retreat. I had a bit of a giggle when you described your purpose in life as art, after that chat with Martin Creed about the meaning of art and "expression".

Back in the 20th, we had radio and tv license fees in the Neverlands, and they got enforced too. At the time I was so pissed off with the whole scheme that I got rid of the radio for a while. I could never be bothered with tv in the first place. So, I got house visits. Two times. Now, the thing is tax-funded in part, and they rolled up the whole enforcement apparatus that came with the license scheme. I think of that as a change for the better. Dogs bow wow, cats meow, governments tax. What to do.

You should lighten up a bit about the "Microchip Agenda". Yes, it is convenient. More convenient than an anklet, or further back, a ball and chain. You could eventually abolish prison. By turning the whole country into one, admittedly. But, convenient.

You could probably have an android app that follows the whereabouts of your local cops in real time. Or you could look up where the Royals are at, right now. Nah, probably not.

Every new technology comes with a shift in power that most people don't pay attention to. It brings more power to either the many or the few. Usually the few.

For all my adult life, I've seen a system being put in place in which the Central Scrutinizer can look up where everybody's at at any given moment. That phone in your pocket. The plastic cards in your wallet. Cameras in the streets with facial and numberplate recognition. Smart meters, smart thermostats, smart everything. And it's all sucked up by state and private intelligence agencies: GCHQ, NSA, Google, Facebook, yadda yadda. But it's a one way mirror. You can't look back.

So, if you're a human being and not a cabbage, you better do what little you can to slow it down. Pay in cash. Don't always have your phone on you. Learn about the Onion Router. And demand from Auntie Beeb a reality tv show with the Royals. It's the least they can do for your tax money.
Potla said…
Hi Nick,
I thought of a guest recommendation that may be very intriguing if you could get him on the show.
His name is Meir Schneider his website is here http://self-healing.org/meir-schneider/.

A couple of years ago, I went with my family to the opticians who were giving away free eye tests. I found out that I was short sighted and needed glasses (probably for using the computer and reading books too much.)

Anyway, I conducted a lot of research and refused to wear them as it shows that you become dependent upon spectacles and they cause a strain on the eyes making them deteriorate more. Naturally I seeked alternate treatment for this and I came across this guy who was born blind but was trained to see using natural eye exercises, which I thought was amazing. I used his audio programme (Miracle eyesight method) which definitely made some improvements on my eyesight, although I confess that it was too time consuming in the end, yet I thought he had quite an intriguing story.

It’s suggested in some books I have read on the subject, that information on naturally healing eyes is supressed due to the massive amount of money made within the opticians industry. They offer a fix for the symptoms of bad eyesight but do not address the cause as they can’t wait to sell you a pair of glasses, which keeps you coming back for more as your eyes get worse and worse over the years.

Just thought I’d put that out there anyway as it is a fair bit alternative to the ‘consensus view’ on this area  A fantastic podcast this week by the way, keep up the great work!
Anonymous said…
hi Nick, regarding the counter arguments concerning the microchip agenda-
the main one which i understand is the potentual for the chips to control our emotions.
its an unknow quantity the power of these chips and with technology moving so quickly these chips could be interfered by a third party and cause devastating consequences.

The secondly if the mass poppilation is chipped, there will have to be a BIG BOSS in control and as everything will be linked to the microchip and they will have the power to switch us off from society.

thirdly, currently we feel generally free, once we insert chips into all humans we will feel invaded, this in my mind will lead to psychological issues and further.

lastly the link to tumors from the chip.

on another news topic this week, i'm calling it first on the CON!- the new law on NO tollerance for cannabis and drug users whilst driving is the first step to legalising cannabis in the uk. once they can prove and enforce this policy, it will ease the debate on the legalization. a big fan of your work, cracking podcasts. Hail Elis
Moe Hill said…
"There are two things which cannot be attacked in front: ignorance and narrow-mindedness. They can only be shaken by the simple development of the contrary qualities. They will not bear discussion."

Lord Acton, Letter (23 January 1861)

"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men, even when they exercise influence and not authority: still more when you superadd the tendency or the certainty of corruption by authority."

Lord Acton, in a letter to Mandell Creighton (5 April 1887)

ONLY 4096 characters allowed! What is this heresy!! I guess this became a two-parter. Sorry for long post and meta direction this took, but it's what came to me so please bear with me.

Don't trust the government is a good policy, makes a ton of historical sense but is however a kind of fnordy statement that makes people think you are a tin foil hat wearing weirdo, however well you present your reasons and arguments for thinking that. It tires people out, the possibility that someone benignly competent isn't in control and I think also activates that response in them which makes them forget and push away any kind of conclusion at the end of your discorse and they leave the conversation either flummoxed, tired and forgetful or thinking you're a tit.
I think a good position against microchips draws on a concept which goes unnoticed by most people, that is out of their usual range of subjects and concepts: Power. It has been superceded in relevance in the mind of the people (not something that is thought about or talked about very much or coherently) by Convenience and Security, and indeed Power also is used as the motor behind those concepts in our lives and in government. Therefore it has a sort of diffuse benign taint to it.
However, Power is a real thing and has logistics all of it's own.

So my arguments would be constructed so as to shift focus to the bare logistical network of what a Power-structure microchipping COULD be with a few tweaks, or as Anonymous said above, with tomorrows tech. What could incompetent or malignantly directed people achieve with it? And what are people generally like, anyway? Try to make the other party in the conversation remember what people can be like, have been like and are like right now in their very lives and that some tools are simply too powerful. (What are people like, then? Well, we are a mixed bag are we not, and even the most altruistic sometimes act greedily, hatefully, spitefully and so on, especially when we can get away with it.)
My method of argumentation would draw on humour, perhaps invoking an absurdist scenario that I myself sat in the god-chair of the user interface, make a few wisecracks about what one could do to the people I don't like or do like, what kind of information could be gathered and what kind of dossiers I could build up (obviously there is no real need to exclude the systems of monitoring and stuff already in place). The absurdity of that should be readily apparent and my conversation partner would likely agree that that kind of power in the hands of a single guy would be comically absurd. Then coyly reference back to the simple fact that government is also people, and casually perhaps make another reference to government control in Historical past, as there are many examples of that. Leave it at that, and hope they manage to put the pieces together.
Moe Hill said…

If someone talks about how convenient it would be with microchips also make referances to East-Berlin (near in time and location) and what convenience it would have been for the Stasi to have a microchipped populace.
Really argumenting about this is more about style than substance, kid gloves on big time because if the negative possibilities and general unsavoryness of these kinds of things are not apparent already to a person, they must have bought in to an absurdist reality tunnel or be impermanently stressed out and dumbed down below a crucial point. As people are very invested in their worlds, a lot of sensitivity is needed on our part to get the message across. Just getting someone to think about it a little might be good enough, most change does actually happen overnight, literally, that is some time after the conversation took place when you're alone in bed mulling it over.

Another thing that microchips can do is monitor our vital signs, definately pulse but perhaps blood pressure, chemical compsition of blood might not be far off, a microphone is not far off at all probably.
Another argument is that this is a big change which brings big unknown, is the KNOWN good even enough to counter all the unknown? What is the known good anyway? I'm having problems even understanding anything good with this, but every "good" must be able to be satisfied by another method, e.g. demented people can have a GPS armband? Credit card convenience can also be done with biometrics and a personal PIN? Stuff like that.
When I say unknowns I'm talking about possibilities of new kinds of identity theft like remote copying your information or in general a lot of things that might crop up that are hard to impossible to effectively predict. Fnord.
Brian Platt said…
Howdy Mr M (you beautiful old hippy you).

From last cast's comments you took my cries of 'So What?' to be a question on the nature of reality and asking 'what's the point?' and the segue from 'So What?' into the Artist/Craftsman viewpoint was a thing of wonder and beauty.

But.... that wasn't my point, sorry I'm a pedantic git.

I shall elucidate thus using the philosphical musings of the wordsmith's known as Cameo (because I am a silly person who like to make serious points in a foolish way).

Caution: contains stage notes, and please make sure that you're wearing your finest red codpiece (Know that I am wearing mine as I type).

(scene - a stage lit with a single spotlight, enter stage right moving to center, you might want to channel Peter Sellers as Richard the Third for this)

"Give us music we can use it, We need to dance"

(slight pause)

"We don't have the time for psychological romance"

(medium pause)

"No romance, no romance, no romance for me, mama"

(long pause)

"Come on baby tell me what's the word?"


"Word up"

(bow and exit stage left)

Now I think Cameo have conceptualised my approach here, instead of the psychological romance distributed by these 'sucker DJs (who think they're fly)' they're looking for a set of practical tools with which to adjust and adapt reality to suit their needs; their 'need to dance'.

According to Cameo, the word is 'Up' which as a key to unlocking the mysteries of the universe can be considered a 'code word'. This does also seem to reinforce the 'spooky action at a distance' school of quantum mechanics because 'no matter where you say it, you know that you'll be heard'.

So henceforth I shall be editing any Bibbles (John 1:1) that come my way to read:

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was UP."

I hope that makes sense. Thank you, I'm done.

--- end of part the first

Brian Platt said…
--- part the second

Now the serious bit, buckle up baby as this one might get 'lengthy' feel free to edit or ignore as you see fit.

You've mentioned a couple of time recently that you called the Scottish Independence Referendum wrong.

I don't think you did.

You were just out of temporal synch.

You also spoke recently of the wisdom of crowds, that idea works well as long as everyone has accurate and relevant information (and the choice the crowd makes is in line with your own choice).

Here's what might descend into being a ranty bit, most of these are verifiable facts depending on what you choose to believe to make a point.

Before this, let me make this clear, there's no sour grapes or harking on about the results, the voting turnout was exceptional and those that chose to had their say, this isn't about the result.

This is about the media and it's behaviour.

Did you know that out of all the newspapers published in these islands only the Scottish Sunday Herald took a pro-independance stance?

The BBC demonised the pro-independance Yes movement as that actions of ideology of a single person - that being Alex Salmond, presented as a little dictator. Personally I didn't care for him much before all of this but have changed my mind on him (as is my right).

Without an established mass media outlet when the Yes activists focussed their communications online they were branded as Cyber-Nats (sounds a little like Cyber-Nazi, dunnit?)

Looking at demographics, 73% of the over 65s (not known for their online presence, and consumers of mass media as a source of information) voted in favour of the continuity of the Union. Interestingly enough a corresponding 71% of 16-17 year olds voted in favour of self-determination. I don't have any actual number on these percentages so take this as you like - but think on this, if there's another round in 5-10 years who do you think will still be around to vote?

So despite the media bias in favour of the status quo, the full weight of Westminster (queue the imperial march rickshaw youtube video of our imperial masters) a 'Vow' which appears to have been largely a work of fiction and an established sectarian tradition whereby the football team you support can influence your views on the monarchy and union flag - 45% of Scotland still voted for Independance.

So what? Right?

Vote counted, Vow delivered, Smith Commission done and dusted.

Well, the political aftermath is likely to rip the UK apart, with a groundswell of SNP membership that's put the fear of 'sweaty jock' into westminster politicians to the extent that my own personal fear of a Labour/Conservative coalition is now looking more and more likely. The more likely this coalition of the bland merges these two monolithic monstrosities into one amorphous heaving mass of what-the-hell? the more the extreme right wing stance will be strengthened and the more chance of a referendum on European extraction is.

While I can appreciate your own views on Europe and the fact that you don't like the idea of being governed by a foreign power that doesn't have your own countries' interests at heart and seems bent on hoarding power to many Scots it doesn't matter if that source is Westminster or Brussels and traditionally Scotland has a very pro-Europe stance.

While I don't expect a unilateral declaration of Independence to be made in May the aftermath may well see a parting of the ways sooner rather than later. If Scotland goes, its likely that the nuclear trident subs will be deployed to the next set of conquered Celts, the Welsh.

Sorry to close on a downer but these are a few thoughts that have been floating around since I caught up with the Cult and caught a load of your pre-referendum interviews and thoughts shortly after it was over.

All this coming from someone who used to regularly create a box for 'none of the above' as a protested , spoiled ballot paper. How times have changed.

Peace atchya brother!
Electric Toast said…
(sorry this is late – I confess I save the podcast listening for when I reach a hollow moment in the week & need a life-affirming lift – usually a Sunday), but I still wanted to put in my penneth worth.

I've rambled on so please just pick out a bit you find interesting or perhaps just post the link and I will re-post on my blog in case anyone is interested to listen to my further ramblings at Electricmusings https://electricmusings.wordpress.com/category/uncategorized/

Tagging on the end of the discussion about quantum physics as an explanation of our reality, I'd like to bring in the “Oversight” card which I don't believe has been considered.....that is the effect of the electromagnetic field observing the experiment, not just the of the apparatus, the machine, but also the human – in the form of their frequency vibrating electromagnetic field and also something called the human waveform. I guess you could describe this waveform as an energy so it must have an effect on the atoms. It's something that has been measured by Engineers who assess our electromagnetic waveform to make sure we don't interfere with machines & presumably adjust the machines to make sure we don't shut them down – with our waveform! You can read more about this here http://www.aecouncil.com/Papers/aec1.pdf We also emit a wave which extends from our foreheads called the P300 wave which is associated with consciousness, so although it has been recognised that our intention changes the atoms, it might not be thought as in our brain but really be happening at a physiological level due to the action of the wave.

On another level I have difficulty with quantum - being that if something is in a state of flux - here & not here and could be in a state of two possibilities – the cat is alive in the box, it is dead, there is a box, there isn't a box.....this creates an infinite amount of possibilities when you include every living atom & every possible configuration...... possibilities of cat there, not there, you there, not there (to observe the cat being there, not being there). When applied to everything it would create multi-trillion parallel universes. So every action must have a separate universe, unless it would be a world that was constantly bursting like a bubble to reveal a different bubble of reality.

I think the holographic universe told of us being a holographic projection that blinked on and off but still we retain the “on” position. If everything is in a possibility of dead or alive and could take either pathway, either possibility, we would at least see some people disappearing spontaneously.

In furthering my search for the true nature of reality I always look to nature and what it can teach us and thought about how the sea behaves. You could think of a single drop of water like the single atom in the slit experiment which changes to a waveform when many are added together. So how does the water drop know where to position itself in for example the sea's waves & foam? For example sometimes it might be on top of the “pile” of water, sometimes at the bottom and yet the form of those collective drops of water are always in a recognisable shape as the sea ebbs and flows. So how does the drop know its place? Surely this is not by intention? Yet this is how quantum explains how atoms are able to know their place. i.e. according to the intention of the observer. Perhaps we have a Cult member who is knowledgeable about tides & currents, the pull of the moon that can explain the shape the water adheres to as it hits the shore. Perhaps it's got something to do with vibrational frequencies, weight & rhythm. It might give clues to the how the double-slit experiment works which doesn't work for me (unless I am missing something very simple).
Electric Toast said…
just to sign off as I ran out of words......
Keep up the great work Nick. You're a work of art baby.....also we have to keep the Cult of Nick – for the name of this great gathering of minds....it works – the voice.....this....is the Cult of Nick – it works....and you know what they say Nick...if it ain't broke – don't fix it.

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