143 - Jonathan Black interview

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My attempt at the meaning of life, which features at the end, is from this blog entry here: http://margerrisons.blogspot.co.uk/2015/03/you-are-work-of-art.html

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You're a work of art.



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Anonymous said…
Nick, If the powers that be are influenced / leveraging the occult then they will be fulfilling biblical prophesy with the chip/mark of the beast. This alone is enough is a reason to resist being chipped as you are putting energy into their belief system by participating. Grant
Brian Platt said…
Howdy Mr M,

Excellent interview with Mr Black. Truly enlightening, and there's a lot to mull over.

Going back to the micro-chip agenda, I haven't heard much counter argument raised in the single issue that freaks me out the most: Getting hacked or cloned.

Rfid chips respond to readers in proximity supplying the data in response to a query, say your chip holds multiple data fields that respond to the appropriate query - a door reader only needs to know your ID to allow you in, your medical allergies are of no relevance to it in its function of opening, and then closing smugly while saying "glad to be of service" (gawds bless you, Mr Adams).

In the arms race of technology between security and hackers how long do you think it'll be before encryption gets broken and rogue readers are used to harvest personal information which can either be sold off to marketing companies or used to flash a chip and falsify identity.

Given the government's, woefull approach to dealing with sensitive data (lowest bidder or corrupt backhanders to companies that have politicians on their board of directors) how long do you think it would be before the central scrutinizer itself has it's database or logs hacked or modified?

We do leave breadcrumbs as we go at the moment, but we can choose to do otherwise, pay with cash or turn off your mobile phone. An implant is a serious commitment to carry this until you (or someone else forcibly) decides to have it removed.

I'm not even going to get into the situation of tens thousands of people have to go in for chip upgrades regularly either as their old chip is no longer compatible with the new version of Sec-Corp chip readers.

Keep up the good work, you little wonder you.
Melissbian said…
I'd like to write a little about Love as a learned ability. It is interesting that the idea of Love as we know it was not written about until rather late in the history of writing. However, I think the idea that love can be seen as a learned ability would best be supported by looking at whether there are other emotions that have been invented and learned.

Modern literature on alternative relationship styles discuss the emotion, Compersion, which is the feeling of joy at a partner's joy with another partner. It has also been described as the opposite of Jealousy. The term was coined in the '70s by some hippies in California, but it has stuck around, and is discussed in the literature today as an emotion to be cultivated and and striven for.

Was the ability to find happiness at your partner having sex with someone else invented along with the word, in the '70s? Probably not. But labeling and writing about the emotion has certainly spread it among people who are interested in the subject. I wonder if this has been a fast or a slow dissemination. How long should it take for an emotion to become uniformly diffused within a population? CAN an emotion become uniformly diffused within a population? Can all humans be taught to love, to hate, to feel compassion, and to the same extent? I would argue that materialism cannot be completely left behind when considering these questions--there is a definite change in brain chemistry that occurs while experiencing different emotions. Different brains are able, and have been trained, to react with different amounts of neurotransmitters (chemicals) in any given situation. They control emotion and the ability to produce it. And, they can be trained. Anti-depressants, anxiolytics, and psychoactive substances can assist in training or, to use a RAW term, re-programming. So, why not affect neuro-training through information?

Yes, I like the idea of Love, and all emotions, as learned behavior. Can infants love, hate, feel compassion? We must learn to experience and display these emotions.

What other new emotions can we as a species invent and propagate?
Rube Youngs said…
Hey Nick! I've been faithfully working my way through the episodes during this past several weeks, and this is the first comment I'm choosing to leave here because it does not have to be belaboured much... but I do not like listening to Mr. Black, and the longer I listen the more I am convinced his semantic content is not to be trusted as any sort of truth, **particularly** the bits he asserts with absolute certainty, no matter how much he says "in some sense" to try to sneak in the back door, with Bob.

I've had many strange and wonderful thoughts over the course of the induction into the Cult, but by Gumbo, I am enjoying it immensely. I might even have to re-listen to the works since, during many episodes, I was bombarded with musings both nefarious and compelling, suitable for fiction and other works of art. I also had many an idle thought about starting a new mostly philosophical Discordian treatise that would be open for modification and interpretation by the huddled masses. Hmmmmm... Huddled masses.

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