144 - Robbie Graham and the UFO myth

Robbie Graham features on this week's offering to the cult. His excellent website is here: http://silverscreensaucers.blogspot.co.uk/


The Adam Curtis piece referenced is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3UstNBrmJFc


Our caller tweets here https://twitter.com/TOMMY_GREAVES and his band (who tweet here https://twitter.com/GLEEEAM ) put their music here: https://soundcloud.com/gleeeam/isnt-real-1


Last week's podcast had over 40 something downloads in the Birmingham UK area. If that can translate into one person going to a gig of theirs and making pleasant conversation that seems like a bit of a win for our small community. So, maybe, if you can go to one of their gigs, you should.


For what it's worth I think that single is a cracking tune.


Electric Toast has a great website here: https://electricmusings.wordpress.com/category/uncategorized/ They mention it in their comment. Further detail available there.


I tweet here: www.twitter.com/nickmargerrison


The background music on this podcast comes from these guys: @QuislingMeet


Nick Margerrison

Check out this episode!


Fahmi said…
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sif said…
Hi Nick, remember Tony Blair's attempt to bring in biometric ID cards when he was PM? It was ominous, both people and the media were sceptical and uncomfortable. It was weird because if you've an NI number and/or a passport then you essentially can be identified. So what's the point of the ID card was the question which spring to mind?

Why was there concern about a card and not so much, it seems, about a chip implant? Could this be a way of getting people to consider more closely the implications of having a chip: 1. Ask them to first think about the chip as simply a citizen id device utilised by the government of the day- like the ID card. How would they feel? What are the implications, what if any safeguards would be desirable? 2. Consider the personal utility and convenience the chip may bring. How desirable are they?

Allow them to balance the two to see what they think about it overall. May be people should do this before the chip becomes imminent and the media debate gets louder in not always helpful ways. At least then people can cut through the noise and be more able to take a position and feel less "done to".

I think it's an exercise we should all do, even your listeners. It may help us to understand our position better and more comfortable in discussing it without potentially alienating the other person. Peace, Sif. (Oh I don't agree with you on Israel and Palestine but it's too difficult to write about it on the phone.) Enjoying your show man :-).

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