145 - Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot and Political Campaigner Donnachadh McCarthy

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Here's Obama denying UFO/ET knowledge: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EYzRY2XpLBk

Here's the Blackadder clip I reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOSYiT2iG08


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Haydn said…
The part where you talk about your consensus reality changing in front of your eyes reminded me of this facebook post i made about the solar eclipse just to clarify i had just woken and started watching the eclipse through a slit in my curtains '' Tht eclipse was sick I just kept starring and a purple cloud formed around the sun and it looked like the sun and moon broke into two and started flashing for a split second I questioned my whole notion of reality all cos I stared too long nothing biblical but you can see how these things trickle down''
What i literally thought in the moment was project blue beam and aliens and all that its all true,lol was kinda scary.
Moe Hill said…

(In this post I agree with another poster, comment on our ongoing projects, provide background, post a "piece" and provide more background (in the form of a dream) and lastly, most importantly, shed

thoughts on the money, essentials and Esoteria).

## Nick, seriously, I don't know, it's just falling off my fingers here. I'm being... verbose. No need to read, kay? Of course you may. Please.

Thank you for the last few very (extremely) excellent shows. Also, thank you very much for reading my thing (even though it was long), it made me feel really so good.

Yes, I feel commenter Mr McGuire has it down. I say, microchipping is not the line in the sand question that we have to avoid and fix and get others to fix too. Rather it's more of a stick in the mud

question. It's a line too, just some other line. Last night I woke up in a bad sweat after a bad dream, bad night. After splashing face I wrote the dream down, then I wrote this:

(I didn't get the lines and the muds wrong above, please bear with me)

The line is drawn
The line is drawn
Either you are already here or
Or you are undecided
And will soon decide and be here or
You will be put
There in
The other camp
With the other guys
And the other ways, and this is right as; no offence
But there is a problem that
We cannot trust you and we
Cannot use you but that is not right we
Cannot make use of you so
They will use you
Up and that will be that
The line
The line
Is drawn

The end. Like it? It's about that there are sticks-in-the-muds out there.

The microchip agenda is not THE issue, we'll get sidetracked. As esteemed Bill McGuire once said; "I don’t think we’ll ever need to be microchipped." But the microchip agenda might be something very

important, and I am suggesting... (see above)

The dream itself seems like background story and it goes like this; In the yard of a suburban building complex with friends of friends sitting on the lawn. I myself was behaving in an eccentric manner to

say the least; As the picnicking was going on I was sitting with the rest, but falling and throwing myself forward spinning and cavorting in variable SLOW MOTION and at the last second I would put my hands

down between plastic cups and bottles of beer and resist destroying the whole spread in that manner. This I would repeat joyously to the bewilderment and general sadness of the more traditional

merrymakers. Long story marginally less long - They all left except one fella who got very mad with me, and me being the SAS deadly shinobi hashishim that I am, was not afraid of him, still quite happy,

but I wasn't prepared for violence either you see, and he threw a thing straight at the wall, and then he paced away, and then towards, looking at me, mad anger, red face, and then he picked up a chair,

what did I do, flustered, recently happily contorting, playing. I felt impotent anger and scared humiliation rise to my face and at the lack of this inner forbearance and I couldn't find the center of my

power, couldn't bring the reptile brain into gear and what was going to happen to me now anyway he's SO pissed off I was in his face like that, not hurting anyone but.. I was being in their face? Woke up.

Obviously I am dealing with complexities about Power, Play, Humanness, Expression, Self-defence and Violence, Differences, Compability and Confrontation - sought or brought.
I may not be alone.
Cont. ->
Moe Hill said…

Now I want to ask you a question Nick. Esoteria. Is it the money, or is it something else. Cuz I gotta say, the money thing.
If you gotta take in more listeners for money...
I haven't given you nothing. No real reason. I haven't been paying for many things. Being unemployed hasn't helped my generosity, I'll tell you. I am getting myself a job. Interview later today. If I don't

get it I'll get another. This thing, this cult, this podcast, it's one of my weekly things. I'll pay.
I steal many things, little thing, things people won't need. I copy books, movies, images, music RELENTLESSLY. Feels good, man. I RESENT paying for public transit. Dan Carlin will not be seeing the benefit

of any life-style change I make presently. However, this I will pay for. I want to. I need to.

I think we, us thousand, would, could, do better. I'll give what I can, what I must, and maybe others will to, so I can buy beers too. As you say, it's not much that's required. I stopped smoking tobacco,

vaping was too cheap not too. I'll give. I don't have much, but we don't need much, do we. But we need some things, some special things

Much love,
Moe Hill
yellowbentine said…
I never realised how cool it would sound having my emails read out to me so thanks for that. I like how my thoughts sound in your voice and there's something a little special in the feeling that I'm being, well, 'broadcast' (though I've no idea how broad or narrow your listenership is...)

Thank you for sharing the image of you gazing at the sunset on a regular basis for the whole of 2013. That was such a sweet, spiritual, thing - so exactly in between profound and mundane - that it made me smile wide to think of it.

I will throw £2.30 in the tin every time I hear myself on your podcast. That's not a bribe, it's just something I've decided is polite to do (as is making an annual donation of £5, which I intend to do on the Holyday of Discoflux, for no particular reason).

You are doing something special here and it should be supported.

take care,


Brian Platt said…
Howdy Mr M,

If I was an Archon I'd certainly take pleasure in keeping the herd asleep and occasionally tormenting an individual or two with the "truth" (or a reasonable facsimile thereof) and watching them go mental trying to get other people to believe them. Which seems to have been a theme of the last two Comcast's.

You prodded the Lady of Camelot very subtly but there are two questions I'd love to get answered by such people. "How" and "What".

"How do you propose to wake up the masses?"

Swiftly followed by "what do we do about this situation when enough people are with you?"

Or to put it the Cameo way - "give us music, we can use it, we're here to dance". If they can't tell us what the word is then they're just " sucker djs who think they're fly."

(Flooding a necrotic uniform much)

Word up!
Dave Voce said…
Hi Nick, on the idea of microchipping, I think the main problem is how it alters our percecption and our reality of 'freedom'. When I was a lad I could pretty much go where I wanted and that freedom is the one over-riding positive thought that I have of growing up. This freedom is being lost through so many ways that it's a full time job just keeping up with it all. The microchip agenda is something that could really push it forward and in a way that it might be hard for us to imagine. But is a lack of freedom enough of a cost when it comes to making sure our kids are safe? Just yesterday I had that panic moment when one of my kids disapeared, fortunately she'd just gone home but for a few minutes...
Big Moe said…
Great stuff Nick love the podcasts, can you get David Icke on soon???
Big Moe said…
Great stuff Nick love the podcasts, can you get David Icke on soon???
Electric Toast said…
Hi Nick,
Please feel free to paraphrase especially as it's so long.

I'm thinking on the RFID issue and it's true what you say about the Governcorps – we can't trust the murdering bar stewards, however, does that mean you would be happy to have a chip embedded if we lived in a world with angelic Guardians, you know, in a dream-like Utopia – (put aside the argument – would we need a chip?) Imagine it would be great for convenience and would get rid of money, destroy the banking system, stop greed – it would aid some kind of bartering system .....would you agree to have one then? Nope....me neither.....so whilst it is about not being able to trust the Government – I'm looking at the bottom line.....which is......I'm a human being.....made of flesh and blood......I AM NOT A PRODUCT.

But how to convince others of this you ask? Just as we of the Cult are trying to alert others of microchips, in a parallel universe we Electrosensitives (EHS) - (20million+ in Europe) are trying to alert others of the dangers of microwaves. We too are trying to puzzle out how people have accepted something that we know takes away their powers of control (as well as destroy their health).

Whilst at first it seems you have such a lovely romantic vision of EHS (we can tell if the TV's been on recently) – a sense of electricity in the environment – it's not solely about that and now I'm getting worried......worried because this issue is so buried under media censorship and misinformation about EHS so central to the masses and their acceptance of RFID chips and all things microwave. How do people become so submissive that they will accept being chipped? It's possibly hard to accept...it's through microwave nerve-to-mind entrainment. Through mobile phones, through WIFI, perhaps even through entrainment in your sleep (when your brain is in delta/suggestive mode). Now I don't think for a moment anyone in the Cult is mind-controlled – but without alarming anyone (Shriek!) if you only look at one paper, this is the one to make you think again.....in a nutshell it tells how hypnosis works – through microwave stimulation of the vagus nerve.
Electric Toast said…

To shed a bit more light....EHS is another word for microwave sickness. The mainstream media has tried to convince everyone that we're mistaken in what we perceive or even just plain mad.

Tesla was the first person known to be Electrosensitive and in the words of his good friend John O'Neill he described Tesla's demise
“…....this sensitivity was now so tremendously exaggerated that the effects were a form of torture. The ticking of a watch three rooms away sounded like the beat of hammers on an anvil. The vibration of ordinary city traffic, when transmitted through a chair or bench, pounded through his body. It was necessary to place the legs of his bed on rubber pads to eliminate the vibrations. Ordinary speech sounded like thunderous pandemonium. The slightest touch had the mental effect of a tremendous blow. A beam of sunlight shining on him produced the effect of an internal explosion. In the dark he could sense an object at a distance of a dozen feet by a peculiar creepy sensation in his forehead. His whole body was constantly wracked by twitches and tremors. His pulse, he said, would vary from a few feeble throbs per minute to more than a hundred and fifty”.
I imagine it's hard for anyone to imagine what this is like. Perhaps try to imagine yourself as a radio-transmitter or a Hi-Fi system (which we kind of... are – we are transmitters and receivers). It's as though someone's turned up all the switches - speeding & amplifying everything - your heart, your digestion, your internal movements, ramping up the pressure within your body – like playing an old 45 record at 78rpm, then switching up the volume of your nerves full pelt and sliding the equaliser & toner up and down erratically so you can hear the changes in your ears. Nerves & muscles going into painful spasms. Sorry if it's very graphic but that's how it feels being EHS. Anyone can become EHS through use & exposure to WIFI/mobiles which cause stress to the central nervous system. We're just not equipped to process microwave energy......we're human beings!

EHS people can sense the stimulation which is often mistaken for tinnitus (buzzing in the head).

So please forgive me - this is why I bang on about the issue – to do my best to warn people to get wired – literally – (Ethernet cables = no microwaves). You don't want to end up EHS. Sadly it's meant we have had to retreat from social life completely.

Once people are subdued by microwaves it acts like a slow stupor, then it's an easy step to convince them they would love a “Smart” home – all their gadgetry on command (all controlled by the invisible remote hand at the control centre), next comes Telemedicine – the screen on the wall where you can connect with your Doctor (we've seen it coming) and then....enter RFIDS internal monitoring of the human system. The RFIDS won't stop at a chip embedded in the skin....they want to put a camera inside us!

Keep Banging the RFID drum Nick
Electric Toast said…
Last one....a friend just sent this through http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2934241/Swedish-company-implants-microchips-staff.html
Tom Harris said…
I've just been asked to join a real life cult! It's really bought home the self referential irony of the C.O.N because even the little enticer I've got so far has been very dogmatic, and even sinister, in my eyes anyway. Heres the scoop, I'm working on a market stall and I start chatting to a lady who works on another stall nearby, we talk about the weather, our jobs, where we live and so on. So far so bland, nothing to suggest I'm into wacky beliefs or strange ideas at all. But I think she gets the idea that I'm a nice enough chatty kinda guy she says something to the effect of 'I've got something for you, back in a minute' usually when a market worker says that it means there bringing you a chocolate brownie or a venison sausage some tasty hipster snack to barter for coffee (that's my thing) but she comes back with this flyer written in faltering English and she starts saying over and over that all this might sound like a fairy tale or sci-fi but it's all true, I half joke that I'm a wizard and she gets stone faced 'oh this isn't like magic! This is real!' Right so here is the text on the flyer verbatim:



[then there is a picture of a gold embossed purple book vaguely occult looking with the title


It's floating in space against a celestial background]

The text continues:






[then on the back]



[then a picture of a rectangle presumably the book but in weird psychedelic colours, like it's spewing out a vibrant magical aura or been photoshopped a bit]



[now another picture this time the book is open and the whole image is more orange, spooky!]


[then there's addresses, contact details and so on]

I won't pick it apart here, cult members (our cult that is) will see how sinister and manipulative the language is. It's targeted at people probably a bit down on life, with questions they want answering, and presents it all wrapped up in the kind of pseudo-science jargon that drives Brian Cox to pull his hair out on live radio. I've introduced the C.O.N to a few freinds who I think would get it, enjoy it, and pick up some good pub banter from it. But I've also introduced it to a friend who started aggressively posting things on face book about tap water causing cancer, how the earth is hollow and smoking pot is good for you, proper tinfoil hat stuff, he'd add that these things where fact and he had no interest in arguing about them, Inevitably his posts would turn into a troll's tea party. I urged him towards joining the cult because one of it's overarching themes right from the first episode is an extended and illustrated course in maybe logic, how to break from group think and being comfortable with not necessarily being right about everything. Something I think he'll get behind within a few episodes. So this is all a long way of saying I think you should keep it the Cult Of Nick it may have been a whimsical name to chose but to me it's taken on a very Discordian meaning 'join our cult but think for yourself shmuck!' Keep up the good work. HAIL ERIS!

Tom @prosperocoffee
Ian Ansdell said…
Re: Chips

Think of the implications:

Your DNA and health could be monitored and transmitted back to the control centre, oh good, if I have a heart attack or stroke it might be picked up early and dealt with.

It's a double edged sword, insurance companies won't cover you for conditions you MIGHT be prone to. Loan and pension companies will look at this too. The government may restrict your access to systems such as the underground if you are part of a defined group (activist, gender, race?).

Then there's the issue of cloning your identity, or potentially framing someone for a crime based on RFID location.

We are too reliant on the internet for information as it is, will the chip automatically interact with devices, making us suckle at big brother's teat?

I know it's unlikely, but what if there is a massive EMP caused by a stratospheric nuclear device, all of the data is lost. Are identities wiped clean, all access to systems rejected.

I wouldn't have one, I like chips, but only the ones covered it salt and vinegar.

All hail Eris.

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