147 - Pastafarianism (vs The Man) Direct Democracy & A Libertarian Rebel

“No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness.” ― Aristotle

4 minutes in -- Ian Harris is the Pastafari who plays in this band here: http://www.ironbootscrapers.com/

They're called The Iron Boot Stompers and the track you hear of theirs is lifted (with permission) from this page here: https://theironbootscrapers.bandcamp.com/track/glad-to-start-again

As I write his story is going national, The MirrorWalesOnline and The Daily Mail. This is after his picture went viral on Twitter. I cannot fault him. A true Discordian.

18 minutes in -- Alex Romanie is from here: http://www.paparty.co.uk/
They tweet here: https://twitter.com/self_rule

37 minutes in - A Libertarian Rebel tweets his world view here: https://twitter.com/A_Liberty_Rebel
The political compass thing he mentions is here: http://www.politicalcompass.org/

Glynn, our first caller, tweets here: @glynhardy
He mentions The Disclosure project, which is here: http://www.disclosureproject.org/

Jon, our second caller, tweets here: @Dyonn

And mark tweets here: @1CC1_36006

Hail Eris!
All Hail Discordia!

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Moe Hill said…

Great show. Something struck me regarding the MC-agenda; it's related to the nanotech and I was listening to ye olde radio show of Radio Orbit (link below) and the interviewee Alan Goldberg said:

"When we can intergrate computing devices with the human neural network you're going to get synergy... we are not, once again; paradise is not going to be exactly where you are now only much much better, but the idea that you can put millions of little nanobotic processors in our brains ..."
about 1/6th down, Alan Goldberg.
The quote is from 02:31:00 ish, and the interview in general starts at 00:59:00

And quote was in response to a question about A.I., however, I think it's incredibly relevant to the microchip thing, how come no one is talking about nanotechnology any more?
Brian Platt said…
Howdy Mr M,

Supposition and challenge:

Voter apathy when reported in the mainsteam media is easy to ignore, and let's face it politicians are only really interested in pandering to voters so the potential 60% of non-voters are out of the picture.

How humiliating would it be for an elected politician to hear that their winning vote count is eclipsed by the number of spoiled ballots?

So my challenge is to you, and other non-voters, is don't vote for a party but at least let your discontent be counted by getting your area down to the polling station and spoiling your paper!

Word up!
Anonymous said…
As most candidates standing for election actually watch the counts coming in; it would not only be humiliating but also demoralising to see the spoiled ballot piles increasing as the night goes on.

A spoiled ballot is witnessed by all candidates, so if the potential non voting 60% step forward' also imagine how much bureaucratic time it will take and media frenzy it will create.

Imagine Jon Snows' swing-o-meter going off kilter as the so called 'apathetic mass' actually gets up to say why they feel so in a democratic manner. A mass of spoiled ballots would go a long way to changing the nations attitude and apathetic acceptance of being governed by the lowest common denominator.

If spoiled ballots returned outweighed the votes for any of the candidates then this would make 2015 a truly revolutionary election and inject a shockwave through the system. It is said the pen is mightier than the sword .. and potentially less bloodier.

Don't worry if we have no one worthy of governing our country, just worry when people vote for the best of a bad lot. Belgium could not agree on which party to lead for quite some time. Bureacracy and all the day to day jobs still get done, regardless.

So I am in agreement with Brian :-)

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