Simon Danczuk thinks free speech is a privilage

Privilege, "a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group". In other words this assumes not everyone should be allowed to speak freely. The word "unassailable," means something which cannot be "attacked, questioned, or defeated". Simon Danczuk is dictating that the privileged few, who Her Majesty's Government allow to speak, must always do so with an air of deep gratitude because their right to do so can be removed at any time.

In this sense he is very much on message with the rest of his party, the bloodthirsty cabal that is New Labour. He's also pretty much entirely in line with the opposition as well. The principle has been so established in the minds of these characters from Westminster that politicians are not even remotely ashamed to admit they hate speech. Only the mere details are now being decided, what should you lot be allowed to think about on your social media feeds? Which words will you be allowed to say?

In this instance, if you aren't respectful enough toward The New Labour Order's blatant political posturing, you can expect to be silenced:

So what’s it all about? Danczuk had tweeted a photograph of himself posing in front of the Pakistani flag, which had been hoisted in Rochdale specifically for Danczuk’s photo shoot. In the kind of desperate, irony-clad publicity stunt more suited to an episode of satirical comedy The Thick Of It than real political life, the flag was promptly taken down again after half an hour. Danczuk tweeted the photo with a caption that read ‘Pakistani flag raising in Rochdale today. Lovely occasion.’ He even posed with two bewildered-looking Pakistani men. Hopkins responded with: ‘Raising a Pakistani flag in Rochdale is not helping community cohesion, it’s inflammatory. You and your party disgust me.’
Simon Danczuk's side of the story is in The Independent:
Employing her usual hateful and provocative shtick she went on to demand whether the nine men convicted in Rochdale of child grooming and sexual offences in 2012 were “my friends”. More abuse from Katie followed before she finished with a promise to come to Rochdale and “explain why no one messes with our white girls”.
It would be easy to dismiss this as the vacuous posturing of an ill-informed pundit except my timeline suddenly became filled with a deluge of racist bile from Katie’s supporters. Soon I was getting threats from the EDL. A far right group called the North West Infidels suddenly announced they would be marching on our town and the Internet was quickly awash with intolerant abuse directed towards anyone of Pakistani origin in our town.
There are several reasons why I’ve asked Greater Manchester Police to look into whether Katie is guilty of inciting racial hatred, not least because I don’t want the safety of innocent people compromised in our town. But I also don’t want three years of hard work undone after we’ve achieved so much in terms of confronting the heinous crime of child grooming.
Not only would it have been "easy to dismiss" Katie Hopkins's thoughts on the matter, it would have been the sort of thing I'd have expected from a no-nonsense straight talker such as Danczuk previously appeared to be. But instead he has decided to blame Katie Hopkins for the reactions of other people, look at his argument. He is blaming her for the actions of those who listen to her, "Katie's supporters".

Actually, it's worse than that because, it's the additional words of those who follow her, not their actions. As far as we are aware nothing has actually happened as a result of this Twitter spat, aside from Her Majesty's Police suddenly being called in to remove Katie Hopkins's right to speak.

His reasons do not stack up. Firstly if he's sincere in his wish not to have "the safety of innocent people compromised in our town" perhaps he should stop wasting police time with playground arguments. If direct threats of violence have been made, they are not apparent on Katie Hopkins's timeline. How is she responsible for the tweets of others? More importantly, if the safety of innocent people is at the heart of this, lets consider how many emergency calls the Police could they have dealt with while they were instead called upon to f--k about pandering to the bruised ego of one of Her Majesty's Ministers.

More importantly, if a few tweets from a daytime TV star who most people find hard to take seriously can result in "three years of hard work undone", Rochdale really is in a dire situation. Most people don't give a s--t about Twitter. Are tensions in Rochdale really so tenuous that a few tweets can ruin it? If so I'd argue that the three years of hard work he brags about has made little impact. I suspect his constituents might think it's time for a change.

What galls me about this is Danczuk has struck such a heroic figure until now. His stance on organised child sexual abuse within Her Majesty's Government, at "the highest levels", was awe inspiring. For a brief moment I forgot he was a politician. He seemed almost normal. Instead he's the sort of politician who encourages the state to act as censor for you and your social media feed.


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