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154 - Ducks with guns

An archive show featuring interviews with:


Rob Simone's work is here:


Gary Heseltine is here:


Richard Holland: Paranormal Magazine wikipedia here


A debate about evolution featuring religious preacher Kerrigan Skelly ( his YouTube here: ) and physicist Simon Singh ( his website here: )


A random caller from my Hallam FM period pops up. It's from her call that this week's podcast gets its title.


Music from The Quisling Meet and The City of Lancaster's infamous Decedant Marsupials:



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153 - The Satanic Sluts

I reference this, well worth watching in full, GK Chesterton:


The Satanic Sluts don't seem to update their site anymore:


Commercial music used for review purposes only.


Uncommercial music provided for your entertainment by both The Decadent Marsupials ( their stuff here ) and the wandering genius that is Quisling Meet / Zero Friends Recordings




Onward to the eschaton folks!


Hail Eris!


All Hail Discordia!

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152 - Expand your mind with Stewart and Janet Swerdlow

Stewart and Janet Swerdlow's awesome all purpose conspiracy website is here:


Russelout Brand speaks tosh here:


The rant I include was posted on this website


The music this week comes from here:


Been a bit late with this podcast, my aim is to release another tomorrow.



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151 - Chaos Magician Dave Lee and musician Avital Raz



Dave Lee's blog is here:

And his website is here:

And he tweets here:


Avital Raz's website is here:

And the video to her song "Edinburgh Surprise" is here:


Nick Margerrison

Music by Decedent Marsupials -

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Russell Brand urges fans to vote Labour

Ed's a big fan of The Sun when he needs to be
I hereby withdraw my support for "Brand Revolution".

He is urging people to vote for the evil bloodthirsty cabal that is The New Labour Order.

I wish him well as a human being but think he is deeply mistaken:

The premise of Brand's total change of mind is that his "revolutionaries" will remain totally engaged in politics an' that yeh? That way these lovely Labour politicians will like totes listen to them an' all that.
The reality of the situation, as my podcast listeners know, has been admitted already. They intend to listen to the likes of Lord Heseltine:

This blog's article about the likely Labour/Tory Coalition Government continues to be one of the most read articles this month. What's so compelling about the idea is the fact the two political parties are so deeply similar. That's why thousands of people have been forwarding it to each other. Because we don't believe these politicians. We don't believe a f--king word they say. I respected Brand because he briefly echoed that sentiment.
However, there are no dogmas, only catmas. It's Brand's call. Maybe he really has just changed his mind. The lesser of two evils argument is what he claims tipped the balance, I'm a bit surprised he never considered it before.
The system Brand is supporting is corrupt. I don't see why he thinks it's going to work, what has changed?

150 - Psychic Soldier Exclusive!

A breakthrough podcast featuring Psychic Soldier Sarah Adams, her facebook here:




This is Tabitha-Browne


Here's the Heseltine article:


Music by The Decedant Masupials:


"There is no piece of music that is not slightly elevated by a fart noise as its puncuation point."


The Honest Book of E.Discordia Chapter 23


Hail Eris!

All Hail Discordia!



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