152 - Expand your mind with Stewart and Janet Swerdlow

Stewart and Janet Swerdlow's awesome all purpose conspiracy website is here: www.expansions.com


Russelout Brand speaks tosh here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwGBTcIHN0U#


The rant I include was posted on this website www.audioboom.com/nickmargerrison


The music this week comes from here: https://soundcloud.com/decadentmarsupials


Been a bit late with this podcast, my aim is to release another tomorrow.



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Boomshanka said…
Hey Nick,

A fully-fledged cult member (until a few weeks ago), just trying to catch up and re-join now.

Just a quick one – A few weeks ago, after a guest signed off you said, "Thanks for sharing some of your life with us". For some reason this short sentence has stayed with me and I think it sums up the CON podcast perfectly. No judgements or pre-conceptions, just a polite acknowledgment that someone has given their time to share their story; that everyone's life is different, diverse and sometime strange to others. It's places like this we can listen to their weird and wonderful stories, experiences and thought experiments without fear-mongering, sensationalism or half-baked advice.

By the way, I sympathise with your 'fork in the road' on the name of the podcast. I really like the 'Esoteria' as a name, and it's obviously a much more marketable 'shop-front' for you to expand, but 'The Cult of Nick' has become quite a special place for it's members, and feels a lot more like an club. Actually maybe this is a bad thing – down with the elite!

Do whatever you feel is best, we'll keep listening anyway.

£5 in the tin. Keep up the mind-battering good work!

Melissbian said…
The grass is not green.

I would ask the Swerdlows: Who is the master who makes the grass green?
Rube Youngs said…
Hey Nick!

"What is ELF?" -- That's the Erisian Liberation Front, Nick. Or so I thought...

I had a couple of funny "yell at the podcast" moments not unlike the other comments above, especially at around 23 minutes. No Joke, hey!! I also got the distinct impression that the Swerdlows have an unhealthy fear of the number five with their talk of tetrahedrons. The pyramid has five sides. Tetrahedrons have four triangle walls and are cramped, like classic Volkswagen Bugs.

On the plus side, I am starting to form some fairly useful skills reading between the lines/prepared statements, while simultaneously figuring on what must be useful in terms of the chaos magick of it. Sometimes I get funny ideas about past podcasts, like questions I think still need to be asked, or perhaps might be asked in the future. For example, might it be possible that some of your "friends of the show" would connect their own dots if the right combination of topics was in the "random topic selection" bag. I think most of Tony; next-most, of the mother and father of the young woman who died with the Heaven's Gate group.

Nearly done with my initiation, and I see the finishing line. No no no no, I don't sniff it no more!


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