153 - The Satanic Sluts

I reference this, well worth watching in full, GK Chesterton: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g0pGcHyxQdY


The Satanic Sluts don't seem to update their site anymore: http://salvationgroup.com/satanic/


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Clarisse said…
Hi Nick, Your rant about "The Golden Rule" (and its Fallacies) truly made Re-Think (and I'll do more Re-Thinking), as--though for the past 25 Yrs., I've Striven to "Treat Others as I'd Like to be Treated"--Your Flawless Critical Thinking Arguments and Logic have given me "Pause to Think," and Re-Organize my Entire Ethical Stance(s) in Life. Mind You, I'm Not Religious, but as a Reiki Practitioner, Do Adhere to certain Principles which can be construed "Religious," by fanatics ("been there, done that..."). And BTW, just as you stated, I was Indeed doing something Mundane (Folding Laundry), while Listening to You, However, that, by No means implies I'm Not "Listening" ! I Love Your Show, and Your Interviewing Style--so different from that "someone" from Liverpool whose show I used to listen to, but found him too self-serving, too rude, too unprofessional (same type of Topics/Guests...). You're an Excellent Interviewer--and I Love your Irreverence). It's too bad my Fixed Income prevents me from supporting your show, (How about I put you in my Will? Will that work?) Peace, and Thanks for the Kick in the Behind, RE THE GR! Clarisse, Composer, Reiki Practitioner, Luv Great Podcasts��
Rube Youngs said…
Hey Nick!

I think it takes guts to show your cards when it comes to Russell Brand. Yeah, that topic is old now that it is late in the Month o' Sundays but most everyone gets into reminiscing and reviewing. Brand, the Institutional Capricious Prankster was fooling with someone's grand-daughter, someone who is probably in some book of Landed Gentry? That was from the very belly of the beast. Truly, an interesting admission you made.

G.K. Chesterton is a likewise interesting study but also one who fell firmly into place for the establishment of the mid-20th century, people that included a pretty famous guy named Tolkien, and another called C.S. Lewis. Lewis wrote more than the Narnia books; he also did a science fiction trilogy that had Merlin as a character. Funny, those secret rings and how they made things work better.

But Nick, I do have a question I hope might someday be answered -- I caught what seems to be a pretty obvious semantic switcheroo an episode ago that didn't carry over well when I played them back to back. Have you been pushing Positive Thinking / Positivity, or the Law of Projection? Are the two of them the same...? This is why I've been a fan of the Law of the Cosmic Schmuck. Where are my other two Laws?

Also, regarding the Cake -- advanced trolling engaged there, my good fellow. I hate to play the Justice card on it (if we were using Tarot) but the cake bakers do not have to think about what the people who will consume the cake will be doing in the bedroom later, at all. In truth, I also feel from your description that the men who wanted the cake picked that bakery specifically for political effect, though I might be wrong (and so might you, if that's the case). There was a very similar case in the news here lately, where a lesbian couple desired to purchase rings for a wedding ceremony. The business owners decided (or were persuaded) to put up anti-LGBT posters inside the store; the couple demanded the deposit for the ring back. The business owners brought the scorn of social media onto themselves, in that case, but it had additional help from MSM.

Secular humanism has a good point in advocating for no discrimination in business transactions, but there does not necessarily need to be a "law" to enforce it, since the interconnectivity of the social group is capable of causing enough negative attention to get a desired effect. The Mob is not always a sweet and pretty beast to consider. Mob rule can be tyrannous. Love that well-informed democracy.

Hail Eris! And pass us a hot dog!

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