155 - Peter Robbins UFO expert and experiencer on Rendlesham Forest

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Brian Platt said…
Howdy Mr M,

The last few con casts have been a groovy return to form after the Brand debacle. I wonder if the Brand nose dive was an intentional move to shift some of his 'social reformer' duties as all that campaigning he did must have taken up a fair bit of time and effort. Maybe ythe allure had worn off, it'd be a pity if that was the case as he did raise awareness on some issues that would otherwise have been ignored.

Always good to get onto a bit of Wilhelm Reich, is it too out there to postulate that in the future wars will not be fought over oil, but water?

If you couple the cloud busting tech with current theories on chemtrails and cloud seeding it's not too far a stretch to jump to governments destroying small farms in the US by droughting them out, making sure the land is sold off to the mega-corps to plant their genetically modified crops and then drawing the rains back down to corner the market in food production. Once perfected and starting locally and moving out to other countries wouldn't take more than a few decades to convert global food production.

Most of that doesn't take a belief in anything other than the basic human foible of greed - and perhaps that's one of the things I find most frightening about it all.

What need of the reptiles, archon's or extra dimensional non-corporeal entities when we're, as a species, are queuing up to screw each other over?

Word up, mutha Hubbard!
tinyjunco said…
Rapidly being sucked into the cult...was addicted to US talk radio for 35 years, local stations have faded out here so i am thrilled to be able to tall asleep to the CON! Jenny Randles, science journalist and ufo investigator, was on the scene of Rendlesham within about a week and spent years investigating the incident. I don't know why she is not widely known about this event, would make an outstanding interview on CON. (crossposted from book of faces)

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