156 - Eve Lorgen and the alien love bite

The wonderful Eve Lorgen is here:






Decadent Marsupials:


Quisling Meet:



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tinyjunco said…
What a treat to hear my comment read on air, even sweeter to find a fellow Randles fan! Fingers crossed you are able to entice her onto the show.

I appreciate your dogged questioning of Ms. Lorgen - the jargon is a bit hard to follow. Also, i didn't find her presentation of the 'alien love bite' symptoms very helpful as all the same stuff can happen between humans (tho i've no doubt non-human intelligences get involved).

For a couple of different perspectives on this general topic:

Micah Hanks of The Gralien Report on 'cosmic love'. He has his own podcast and is as silver-tongued as you, his mother nicknamed him 'the mouth of the south'.

Lucretia Heart of At Spiral's End blog. She is an abuctee/alien encounter experiencer, seasoned occult practitioner, and absolutely scrupulous reporter of her many *very* strange experiences. Does a wonderful job of detailing what she saw/felt/experienced and how she drew her conclusions from those observations. An absolute treasure, read her blog here:

Mike Clelland interviewed Lucretia Heart back in 2010:

Happy Day! stephanie Q
Brian Detweiler said…
Wow this is really informative, in that people in general,(Non-Expieriencers) really are far behind this game! The interviewer really is overacting with questions most the UFO community already knows the answer to.
Dude! The Alein Greys and Reptilians; the Borg (They are for-real!And, the name was used in Star Trek for disinformation!) are Hybrids made by the Nazi Vril[Maria Orsic!!] who now live under AMERICA and run our Government essentially! There is evidence from all kinds!!! And the Good Aliens are staying off the planet because they are afraid of these War-mongers yes the Nazi's retrieved info from another planet and Time-Travel WAR!! Remember in CONTACT that is were Sagan got idea, remember they saw ADOLF HITLER in so-called ALIEN transmission- the message was really from Future Nazi's already on Moon, Mars and even believed on planet Aldebaran. Greys penetrated CIA from the VERY START same time as ROSWELL+ VRIL GREY SHIP = Nazi op program they took our Gov't!! The FBI fought them and lost GOOGLE FBI-CIA war. They control thousands of people already just like movies only its TRUE! Also GOOGLE Illuminati the Real story behind LAYLA song!!
See http://us.yhs4.search.yahoo.com/yhs/search;_ylt=A86.J7.uHYtVShEATqoPxQt.;_ylu=X3oDMTEwaDZzZnZoBGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNxc3MtcXJ3?type=W3i_SP%2C204%2C0_0%2CStartPage%2C20131147%2C19855%2C0%2C25%2C0&fr=sfp&hsimp=yhs-syctransfer&hspart=w3i&ei=UTF-8&p=nazi+planet+aldebaran&fr2=12642
Nicholarse said…
If you have no experience of something you will inevitably know less about it. I'm surprised that's a surprise. Thanks for putting us straight.

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