158 - Fellow Discordian: The Right Reverend Ryan Richards Redacted

A fun interview with The Right Reverend Ryan Richards [REDACTED]. We wander around the world of Discordia chatting about Pope Bob and the various projects this celebrated Erisian is manifesting. Further information here: http://discordia.wikia.com/wiki/Right_Reverend


The podcast has almost "pod faded" in recent times. This is ironic because I am working on a project which will be focused on podcasting. Stick with me, cult member, the dawn broke a few months ago and a glorious podcasting sunrise is on its way.


Music from The Decadent Marsupials: https://soundcloud.com/decadentmarsupials

And the legendary Quisling Meet: https://themeetlocker.wordpress.com/



Check out this episode!


Brian Platt said…
Well howdy Mr Nick,
That was another beautiful casting and it has changed my mind about some of the previous, slightly painful interviews that you recently had.

Forget me if I'm wrong but after initially having a fairly negative perspective on 'those with an agenda of promoting their business services to save us against ' I've decided that in the long tradition of your interviewing style these highlight some of the fundamental differences in perspectives across this 'fringe thing'. I was originally going to post something last cast along the lines of comment made but...

Sometimes you need to whiff the rancid stench of someone else's farts before you really appreciate the subtle nuances of your own.

Or not, I'm confident that I'm completely wrong most of the time (which is very comforting, perhaps too much so).

At the risk of things getting too Theroux/Ronson I currently think that two or three of these types of interviews a year would be a satisfactory injection of alternative views.

It appears that all we need to do to defeat the forces of evil is to use the power of love - they don't say if its the Huey Lewis or the Jennifer Rush version but I'm sure that if we sign up to their services they'll be happy to advise.

Word up!
messiahcomplex said…
It was a pleasure speaking with you and I look forward to doing it again.

Right Reverend [REDACTED] Ryan Richards
Melissbian said…
He's basically making the Primer from Neil Stephenson's Diamond Age! I love it! Backing this kickstarter so hard.
Anonymous said…
Hey Nick,

This guy John Fenderson seems to be a good fit for the show. He has a discordian themed site called singlenesia.com and was an interesting guess on Radio Mysterioso this week. http://radiomisterioso.com/2015/09/05/john-fenderson-and-adam-gorightly-perception-magick-and-the-missing-fundamental/


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