160 - Festival 23 and the future of The C.O.N

The Festival 23 website is up and running, here: http://festival23.org.uk/


I tweet here: www.twitter.com/nickmargerrison


The show's website is here: www.thecultofnick.co.uk


Music by Quisling Meet.



Check out this episode!


Stephanie Quick said…
hooray we hear our sweet nick once again! The ads sound fine to me, much preferable to the horror show that is the ads on the Paracast - pass me the smelling salts!

I'll have to comment again when my brain has kicked back into gear - for now, just happy that your little chapel is full of incense, chanting and the sound of bowling balls on the boards once again....stephQ 'tiny junco' 'mrs. ewccentric'
Potla said…
Hello Nick,

Nice to hear that the podcast will be taken to the next level. I for one would be quite happy to endure a few advertisements, if that's what it takes to get an extra dose of the cult. I feel only good vibes from this Talk2MeRadio project, So I wish you the very best of luck, and may chaos ride the airwaves! 23 times over.

Stay Supreme.
Ken Mattholie said…
Hi , loved the shows and ones afore. Came to you via Jon gaunt and am thoroughly enjoying your work. Gaunty has levelled out /matured nicely in his views now but am not to keen on the banter he aims at you and way he treats you . Perhaps just comedic effect but seems bit too dismissive sometimes. Someone lent me illuminates aeons ago and read it but bit too much for me then. Now what with quantum physics practically explaining and catching up with buddhism(am a Buddhist but probably worst one ever) and the smoke screen of msm whilst the establishment go about their agenda it is all making sense and have purchased to read again. Do go with the lizard thang but of late have been seeing beyond the vail and seeing what's really going on. Great , I said great work and glad I found you.
messiahcomplex said…
Another fine show! The Cult of the Month App Kickstarter wrapped up and was 25728% funded (plenty of coincidance 23's and 42's along the way). Currently putting together a Proanoia Puppet Podcast called Retro-Future-Active. They will be Evergreen shows where amongst other things people share their Joy, we are using puppets out of hopes of reducing the chance of being shot for talking about Belief Systems. We should co-conspire on more Cult of Nick soon as well as Talk 2 Me. We are lining up a "terrestrial radio" distributor, and I'm going to use their segment lengths to contain the chaos, this is the manure in which our flowers will grow.



The RAW estate has reached out to me as well as disinfo.com So everything is coming up Eris.

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