161 - Stranger Than We Can Imagine with John Higgs

Music by the legendary @quislingmeet


C.O.N favourite John Higgs goes through his latest work, "Stranger than we can imagine, making sense of the 20th Century".



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Dave Voce said…
Hi Nick

Today I was thinking of a sighting that I had of a Panther 20 years ago, but what I thought you might be interested in was my perception of the event and how that relates to more exotic sightings.

Ok so I was cycling up a hill at night in the Leicestershire countryside and I was approaching a small village with street lights. 100yards ahead I saw an animal come out of a field and cross the road. It wasn't a fox or a dog. It was without doubt catlike with a long tail and completely black. And after crossing the road it sat in someones drive and looked at me cycling past. It was at least the size of a labrador but my brain told me it was a domestic cat even though I know that cats just don't get anywhere near that big.

And then bizarely when I got home someone said to me, after I'd told them I had been mountain biking round the woods,he said weren't you afraid of Panthers. So it was only then that I started to wonder and in the months after that there was a lot of other sightings.

All the best,
Marty K said…
Hi nick, just wanted to say thanks for making such a mind expanding podcast, I've been listening to them from end to beginning and I've made it back to episode 59. As far as I'm concerned you've had an amazing effect on my outlook on life and peaked my interest enough to look further into a range of subjects that I had kind of maybe looked at a bit but never pursued further.

Ive been trying to get a donation in but I'm having a few issues with Paypal. Will try and sort it out shortly, and ill let you know once I hit full member status. Cheers

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