162 - Gabriel D Roberts, The Hermit. Plus random thoughts about initiation.

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Brian Platt said…
Howdy Mr Nick,

For what it be Worthington my podcast app of choice, Doubletwist, updated your feed all fine and dandelion.

'This sadly true that there are no formal coming of age rituals or ceremonies, but I have oft thought that the point at which we first do a 'thing' ourselves that we'd have once sought parental unit support - doing a plumbing or some such thing perhaps, may be the point at which we slowly adopt the mantle of 'adult' *shudder*

Many the science type may scoff at the antiquated notion of etheric wind while spouting dark matter and spooky action at a distance without batting an eye (fair enough say I, batting eyes ends up with the messiest game of cricket you'll ever play)... In terms of Mars losing its atmosphere we're only looking at that because of the earthy/lifey bits, but if the athletic wind did for the atmosphere of Mars you'd have thought that it'd have blown the gas giants into long wafty ribbons long ages hence so that may or not prove something or other (or not).

Word up!
Rob Someone said…
Many questions raised here.
The most important one for me is this :
Is a Homebase £1 off your next purchase voucher still valid if you've drawn a cock and balls on it ?

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