Jon Gaunt: Talk2MeRadio

I have left Talk2MeRadio and The Jon Gaunt Show.

Nick Margerrison.


Blue Atom said…
Sorry to hear that Nick. You'd obviously put a lot into it and on-air you provided an effective and entertaining counter point to Jon Gaunt.
Best of luck with whatever comes along next. In the meantime hopefully some more CON episodes? :)
Fahmi said…
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Boomshanka said…
Just heard this news. I'm sorry to hear that Nick. I followed your progress during the whole setup via the CON and a lot of love, late nights and hard work was put in by yourself. I did try to listen, but like to keep people like Jon Gaunt out of my day to day reality. Haha! So unfortunately didn't keep it up. Thought he was a bit 2D and beneath your to be honest. Good luck with whatever is next. Time for a sigil.
Potla said…
Hi Nick, Sorry to hear that the talk2meradio project didn't work out for you. I listened whenever I had chance, but couldn't get behind Jon's radio style. You are designed to be front of house, for you have much deeper insights into any topic discussed. Not only that but actually listen to people and converse in a style which is entertaining and fascinating.

For this reason, I think that you should continue with your podcasting journey. It has been very lucrative for some podcast entrepreneurs and I believe that the kind of material you have produced on the Cult of Nick has much more potential.

In fact many of the episodes which featured long monologues from yourself such as the great Magnum Opus, I have found to be some of the best. So grab USB Microphone and get ranting!

Best of luck with whatever comes next Nick, us Cult members are always supporting you.
Martin Proctor said…
Sorry to hear your day job didn't work out. I tried listening to the Gaunty show, and I found some episodes interesting. But most of the time it was just filler, which is what you will probably get doing a 5 day a week podcast. I'm looking forward to you getting back into your own podcasts. Best of luck with your future projects.
Anonymous said…
Hi Nick

It was a real shame to find out about you leaving the Gaunt show. You brought a much needed balance to his badly thought out rants. His daily show has suffered without your timely interjections. I still listen to him but not as much.

What Jon is doing is a positive move forward for the UKmedia. It's a shame he can't treat people with opposing views with a bit more respect. He's in danger of creating a massive echo chamber for himself and his audience. Word will get round about his poor treatment of guests and he'll struggle to find people to come on and debate him. Shame.

Hopefully you'll throw yourself into the CON again.. Much needed in my life and massively appreciated when I'm on long drives in need of interesting ideas to mull over.

Genuinely, all the very best with whatever you decide to do next.

Moe Hill said…
Hey Nick! Great to hear from you. Won't say I'm sorry because truly I'm glad we are rid of that abusive prick. And in any case: isn't it always "maybe it is, maybe it isn't"? :)
Take care, friend.
Dave Voce said…
Hi Nick, I didn't listen to the Gaunt show,his style was too abrasive for me, so hopefully you'll now put out some more podcasts. Cheers, Dave
Anonymous said…
1) Cultofnick website says error when I try to ckick on it. - Have you closed it down?

2) Have you left Talk2meradio now in Sept 2016?

Jon Gaunt was on introducing your new conspiracies show on Fridays show, yesterday, Fri Sept 16 2016.

joe9t said…
Nick, are you working at any other radio station, at present? Thanks.

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