I was late...

I mentioned yesterday that I've been re-reading my blog as I try to sort this site out and make it more 'professional'.

I've been in two minds all day as to whether or not I should announce my little weblog to the people that listen to my late night talkshow. The reason for this is that I'm not sure that everyone who listens to it fully understands the show. Today, like most days, I've had another phone call from my boss telling me that someone's complained about the show. I'm utterly bored of that mentality. The complainer's, not my boss. I can't really tell you what the complaint was about because each of them has to be forwarded to a government body which then decides if what I said was against the law. It'd be silly to chip off about it here. But the thing that does me is why do these people listen? I used to think people in radio made up complaints to make themself look tough and hard. I honestly don't think anything I do on my radio show is 'shocking' or 'controversial' and it always depresses me when other people do.

So, in the event that I do announce it on my show and anyone bothers to look at it, hello. Don't start complaining about things that aren't actually doing any harm.
Strange how themes keep reoccuring in my life. Firstly I've started blogging again and I'm not sure if I should 'announce it' or not to my little twitter following. This is because I have an ambiguous attitude to humanity, both a philanthropic and misanthropic vibe in my little brain. Largely because I fear being misunderstood.

As I said yesterday, I think perhaps I'm suffering from PTSD, or, to elaborate, post traumatic broadcaster disorder. Constantly qualifying my thoughts each time I publish them online, looking over my shoulder worrying if I've said the wrong thing. That's not how the internet should be. It should be full of half thought out nonsense. Actually, that is how the internet is. There's even a name for it, "shit posting". I think that's what we should aspire to, lots of it.

The point though is that this 'blog is an oldskool internet blog, it's full of "shit posting". Posts you've splattered out for the sake of it. To sharpen the bowels of your mind, get them a bit looser than usual. I used to write one of these a day, for fun. Maybe one of two entries each week were worth it, the rest are utter balls.

Now, Twitter is similar in practice but different in aspiration. It's alike to my old Hallam FM phone in show; me talking like I'm some guy on a mountain throwing out truth bolts. A very different personna to the 'blog, if you leave aside my politics rants which were often reposts from other sites I've written for.

I do advise keeping a diary of some sort by the way, dear reader. Public or private it's worth keeping track of how things are ticking over.

Even if it is just to record the fact that a nice walk was had in the park today and a brief appearance on The Jon Gaunt show was had. Listen here: www.talk2meradio.com

Redesigning the 'blog has hit a bit of a wall after google ads told me I was falsely linking to popular audio content! My podcast, it's vanished, you might have noticed? A couple of listeners had pointed it out to me but it hadn't occured that this would get me into trouble with the googles. Is there a more sinister company around? Yes, yes there is. But even so, as David Mitchell pointed out in the Guardian ages ago;
There's something fishy about Google's motto, "Don't be evil." I'm not saying it's controversial but it makes you think, "Why bring that up? Why have you suddenly put the subject of being evil on the agenda?"
This brings me to the subject of the podcast, I'm waiting on audioboom to make my channel live. Not sure what the issue is, emailed them yesterday, we'll see. Have new material 'in the can', so to speak. Looking forward to getting it up off the ground in some form or other.

Life calls, I'm off to make some food.



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