Currently I'm digging Laurel and Hardy, in a bit of an odd over the top way. I've never particularly liked them much but can't say I disliked them either. I seem to recall I watched the cartoon as a kid and then was dissapointed by the films, they were less good to my kid brain.

Now though I'm enjoying the films on a totally different level. They're full of pathos to me in a way they weren't before. Seeing the two men try yet mainly fail to do anything is something I empathise with now I'm over 40.

Here's a link to one of my favourites:

I find the scene where they debate killing themselves is particularly good. It's well handled, even though it sounds terrible. It's also kind of haunting when you realise that the life Stan describes, where Olly has left him, had a certain truth to it in real life. He apparently never got over the death of his friend who passed before him in the real world as well as in 'The Flying Duces'.

It's not without excitement that I have read about Steve Coogan's film about the pair, on its way. Should be quite exciting to see, although Coogan's politics are a bit meh his comic acting is superb. My fingers are crossed.



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