Very sad to hear of the passing of Jim Marrs, a noted conspiracy researcher. I had him on my old Kerrang Radio show many times. If I could find a reliable link to my podcast[1] I'd post one of them up.

For me people like Jim Marrs are philosophers, their value is more in the 'what if..' than the 'just so'. Marrs was always very charming and charismatic.

That old school kind of conspiracy theorist is sadly fading from view these days. Nowadays you have people in the main who are still evidently stuck in Chapel Perilous screaming through the void.

Alex Jones's recent change of direction is still mourned by people on Twitter who mentioned it when I posted my respects for Marrs. That era has gone now really, it had gone before Jones's change of direction.


[1] I've not had time to sort it this week, life stuff getting in the way. Positive life stuff but there we are.


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