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Currently working through Dr Peterson's "Self Authoring" programme. It's intense, really intense. You divide your life up into several epochs and then you nail 6 or 7 big events that occured in each. You then write what happened, that's where I'm at now. Me and a mate are doing it together, as self improvement buddies. It's weird and, like I say, quite intense.

I've always been fascinated by psychology. However that fascination has been tempered by a huge does of skepticism. Or maybe that's "resistance", my natural inclination to avoid seeing a shrink. The worry I might need one, dunno. Like I say always been very skeptical.

It's alike to my fascination with the occult and 'magick'. The two fields seem to be the same, just one of them has a closer adherence to the scientific method than the other. As I write that I'm not sure which one I'm refering to there actually. I've met plenty of daft psychologists and dogmatic magicians who should know better. Maybe I'm judging practitioners rather than that which they claim to be practicing.

The similarities are between the two areas are acute. The idea that the material and immaterial world connect through the nexus point of the humam mind, that ideas and memories have some sort of presence in the material world, very easily bleeds into ghosts, superstition, magic spells and, inevitably, psychiatry.

That sounds like I'm joking but I'm really not. If you've got a demon in your head a psychiatrist or a Catholic priest may fix it; exorcisms and the psychiatrist's chair are very popular because for some they give relief and a sense of clarity.

The difficulty seems to be twofold with self analysis. Firstly you need to learn the tricks and secondly you need to turn your focus inward without fear or favour. That's what I'm currently doing.

If I understand this process correctly we're aiming for "individuation" 



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