Half and half

Just been discussing whether or not it's cool to not like The Beatles again these days? I suspect it might be; it's the sort of thing that can come into fashion, "eew, The Beatles, eew, they're so 90's". Yeah, The Beatles baby, they're ace. They never set a foot wrong musically, ever. That's a fact. Stick your trendy "they're over rated" nonsense up your bottom.

Currently got this playlist burbling away on my spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/bungalowbelf/playlist/0Zbgk5Jw1Us7SdoQPOFnGD

Every song they ever recorded, in the order they recorded them. Yup. Zips up anorak. Raises one eyebrow. Deal with it.

If you factor in their biography as you listen to it it's a fascinating social media feed from the past.

They're recording "Baby you're a rich man", a slightly mean spirited song about their manager Brian Epstein one minute, next minute he's killed himself and they're off to India recording "Mother Nature's Son". Then it's White album time!

Not only do these weird songs in context seem to speak to what's going on in their lives in ways I didn't realise previously but also in order the evolution is more clear. Tomorrow Never Knows is a clear turning point. There's a water mark dividing the songs before and after that track, stylistically.

Not managed to have it all in one session yet, having to pick my eras. The Let it be sessions are currently blaring away.



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