More sorting

I've been enjoying mucking about on something called Poloniex recently. It's a place where you can trade "altcoins" which are basically bitcoins but with different names, usually. Occasionally they're a little bit different, bitcoins but with a slight difference, transaction times usually.

I'm gradually getting used to the fact that I'm going to become an old man. Actually I think I've been looking forward to it all my life. Anyway, here's where Grandad raises an eyebrow and goes 'bitcoins you see, they're a digital currency which people trade online a bit like shares in a company or something'. Then, as he's explaining it, he becomes concerned even he doesn't understand what a virtual currency is. Or even a currency for that matter.

Still sometimes I sell the coins I bought for more than I bought them, then I sell them to someone else for real money. Other times I buy coins that are of no value. I'm doing this with a stock of coins worth about £80. Or £120 if things are going well.

The idea is that over time I will get good at it and maybe hold more than £120 worth of pretend money. That I can sell for real money. Like if I can get maybe £500 then sell half of it and carry on with the rest. I'm not sure. I'm enjoying mucking about with it anyway.

Magic digital beans.

Not a con.

It does soumd like it might be doesn't it?

Wanna buy one?



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