Some days are just magical. Today has been one of those. All the moments were synchronistic, the weather was beautiful and the plans we had all went swimmingly.

Years ago my girlfriend and I did a magic spell. You'll have to read this 'blog in more detail if that's a bit of a surprise. I'm not sure I 'believe' in magic but it helps to make life seem a little more interesting, less dull, more colourful. It's a conduit for the experience of life, a coping mechanism, a metaphor for the human experience, a bit of superstition. Shits and giggles, that's all it is.

On days like this though it seems like we do live in a magical world and things can and do work out in the end...

So that's nice.

There was even a rainbow as me and the lady went for a walk in our magical world.



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