Got caught up in a thought today, regarding Dr Peterson's research into what he calls self authoring. The premise is that if you write out your story it allows you to gain a more philosophical perspective, it's good therapy. I've signed up to his future authoring thing, after a mate became a patron of his.

The idea is that writing out your biography and your future plans solidifies them more in your mind, helps locate where you are in life and acts as a form of therapy. Quite interesting.

The thought I had was that this is alike to the idea of catharsis, in classical literary theory. They had this idea that you purged your emotions during a good tragic play. You burn off the fuzzy bits of a memory and emotion and purify it, as if by fire. Burning impurities off gold, is the reference.

On another level it's common sense that you give something clarity by just writing it out in plain English.

This thought goes nowhere really just a little connection in my brainus.

Exactly the sort of thing I have my 'blog for.



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