Random democratic thoughts...

I don't vote, I don't think it makes any difference.

Politically I do not classify myself as either left or right. I am an individual with a unique perspective. My points of view come from the experiences I've had in my life. It seems odd to me that we have to pretend we agree with an apparently arbitrary shopping list of ideas if we want to join either of the left wing or right wing clubs. I'm open to the idea of wealth redistribution; not so keen on fighting man made global warming. I don't like being part of the EU but disagree with the idea of us having a death penalty. The list goes on. My points of view do not fit in just the "left" or "right" categories. Chances are, if you use more than one half of your brain, neither do yours.

The idea of left and right thinking is related to very old occult beliefs about the division between our heads and our hearts. The right is supposed to be the head, the brain, the natural leader you want in charge. The left is our soul, our sense of love and "goodness". This is why you get 'shy Tories'. "The left" at its most orthodox is seeped in emotion rather than thought. This easily spills over into hate, as love often can. Understanding this dynamic helps you to see why the left are so quick to threats and angry words.

As "the nasty party" the Tories play on this idea that they are the sensible ones. Labour fell into the trap of ramping up the emotion. Who do you want in charge when you've run out of money, an emotional character or a level headed thinker? Little England can answer that question in less time than you just did. That's the reality of elections within the broken system that is the UK.

Or, this might be a good thing. The advantage of the Tories is more people are aware there's a problem. The only disadvantage is the sheer volume of fools who think The New Labour Order will solve it. The practical upshot of this is they seem to think the best thing to do is focus their emotions and hate on those who disagree with them. If there's a moral to the story of the election, with the "shy Tories", it's that this tactic will not help in the long run.

At core the reason I don't vote is because I think we need to deal with the real problems; not the theater constructed nearby designed to take your focus away. The most apparent problem to me is that we do not have a true democracy in this country. That's a big difficulty. It means our nation is doing things which its nationals would likely not support or vote for. These things are being done in our name and the victims are often not from this country. The people who live in those countries think we agree with these things because, we say we're a democracy.

As it is there's plenty of damage done by us around the world to people who don't deserve it. Iraq, is part of that, but the fuller picture is terrible. Most of this damage comes from decisions we 'the people' have never been consulted on. How is it that arms dealing is one of our biggest industries? I'll tell you, it's because the people are not in charge, Her Majesty's Government runs this operation and the Monarchy has a special secret room for arms deals.

How is it that the ‪#‎CSAInquiry‬ - an inquiry into pedo rings at the highest level of Govt - hasn't got off the ground yet? Same reason. You're not in charge, your mates aren't in charge, none of us are. They are.

Why did we bail out the banks without any debate? Ditto.

We need to assert control over the ideas and values of this country. One of them is democracy. Lets try that first and then see if the other problems start to fall into place.

Personally I support this idea of "direct democracy" which has been touted by various fringe political characters recently. Votes on every aspect of legislation via refferendum would suit me just fine. I'd be an active voter, I voted in the last referendum. Prizes for guessing which way.



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