White as a sheet

This picture shows you a fun claw game you can play at a fun kid's fun fair that we went to. What fun.

Fortunately they've covered their arses a bit because if any kids want to play this game they can't because there's a sign. It reads "NO ONE UNDER YEAR". So that's good.

I guess whoever stuck this one together missed the meeting where you've got to hide fag packets from display.

The law has been dragged through the mud on this issue. Smoking isn't good for you but it shouldn't be mandated against in the way it currently is, it's authoritarian and unpleasant. It makes you want to go against the good advice that is 'don't smoke'. That's how and why things like this become funny. By mocking a law that has reached the point of self parody it managed to put a smile on my face.

As a result I simply cannot recall where or when I saw it.



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