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0032 INTERVIEW | The Breatharian Institute of America

This piece is an interview with Brendon Day of the Breatharian Institute of America, an organisation founded upon the teachings of Wiley Brooks. A man who became notable after being featured on television in America. A moment our guest Brendon Day will never forget... This podcast is not to be considered as health advice; it's an interview with a fascinating man who represents his belief system with refreshing honesty. This piece is a real treat for Discordians looking for a fresh and unusual reality tunnel to try for a few days, without following any of the implied advice. In many ways this podcast is intended as a satire on the notion that podcasts should be ever be censored on the grounds that people may follow the advice on them. They shouldn't. Podcast listeners are not idiots, this medium is not - and never should be - the new "radio" or "broadcast" media. It's able to do that but it can do so much more... Check out our guest's instagram acc

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